Sitrex QRX-12

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The new QRX range of "V" type wheel rakes with 12 or 14 wheels are easy to use machines that have a strong frame and therefore are able to provide excellent performance as regards both quantity and quality. Although very compact, and thus able to guarantee great maneuverability in narrow spaces and over irregular ground, and at the same time excellent quality work and great stability both while working and during transport, they have a variety of systems and devices that make them comparable to higher range machines in terms of performance, but with lower operating costs.

The standard version has rake wheels with a diameter of 55” (1.4m) and tines with a diameter of 0.28” (7mm). As an alternative, and with no changes to the machine structure needed, it is possible to mount optional rake wheels with a diameter of 60’’ (1.52m) and tines with a diameter of 0.3” (7.5 mm). Each wheel, regardless of the diameter, is equipped with 40 tines made of top-quality spring steel.The machine can be brought from the transport position with the rake arms raised, parallel to the ground and with each other, to the position with the arms lowered and already angled correctly for working (and vice versa) by simply moving a hydraulic control from the tractor cab. This is because the machine is equipped with a special joint system that rotates on two suitably inclined axes. Thanks to this system, it is possible to reduce the overall dimensions of the machine and make it more stable.
The rake arms are locked in place by a hydraulic device mounted on the cylinders so that transport can be done in complete safety.
This device also makes it possible to work with just one of the right or left rake arms when necessary, such as when working along an embankment or fence. This operation can be done without having to remove or add any additional and/or replacement components.
The working width and windrow width can be adjusted hydraulically from the driver’s seat using the tractor’s hydraulic distributor after having selected electrically the actuator cylinders of the chosen function.
A special spring shock absorber system on each rake arm enables the wheel rake to adapt to even the most uneven terrain, thus always guaranteeing top raking performance. This system also protects the machine against the stress that would be transmitted by the rake wheels both during normal operation and especially if they strike some obstacle.
The tandem wheel axle (15” tires) with a wide wheelbase provides stability while moving and on land with furrows. The rake arm support structure is made from tubular steel with an increased section for high workloads.
These features make it possible to obtain performance of the highest quality from every point of view.

The actuator selector (angulation - extension) makes it possible to quickly adjust the working width and windrow width from the tractor distributor.


Number Of Finger Wheels 12
Finger Wheel Diameter 55" - 1,4m
Finger Wheel Tine Diameter 0,28" - 7mm
Finger Wheel Diameter (Optional) 60" - 1,52m
Finger Wheel Tine Diameter 0,3" - 7,5mm
Maximum Windrow Width 6' 7" - 2m
Minimum Windrow Width 3' - 09m
Maximum Working Width 25' 1" - 7,65
Minimum Working Width 21' 12" - 6,7m
Minimum Transport Height 9' 2" - 2,8m
Minimum Tractor Horsepower Required 50HP - 36,7Kw
Tires 205-75/15
Transport Width 9' 2" - 2,8m
Weight 2670 Lbs - 1210 kg