Sitrex MKE12

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The standard version has rake wheels with a diameter of 55” (1.4m) and tines with a diameter of 0.28” (7mm). As an alternative, and with no changes to the machine structure needed, it is possible to mount optional rake wheels with a diameter of 60’’ (1.52m) and tines with a diameter of 0.3” (7.5 mm). Each wheel, regardless of the diameter, is equipped with 40 tines made of top-quality spring steel.

The hay rakes of the Magnum Evolution line are designed in such a way that adjustments are simple to accomplish.

A lever acting on a sprocket equipped with a locking mechanism enables the width of the swathe to be adjusted easily and rapidly from about 3’ (0.91 m) to 6’ (1.8 m). Alternatively, this function can be performed by an optional hydraulic device enabling the adjustment of the swathe directly from the tractor. Each rake wheel has its own spring and adjustment chain enabling the correct pressure on the ground to be obtained regardless of the crop and of the type of ground.

In order to adapt to extreme field conditions, hay rakes must be solid and sturdy. This is why the drawbar and the rake wings have been made using a large lattice framework of structural tubing to make them tough and fully reliable over time, however hard they are made to work.

Despite their size, these machines are easy to handle and transport and very user-friendly.

Optional accessory kits

A series of optional kits can be mounted on this type of hay rake. These include a central kicker wheel kit, a rear hydraulic opening kit, a rear tandem wheel kit, a kit to open on one side only, a wind shield kit, a light kit, etc.

The central kicker wheel kit

This kit consists of two rake wheels placed along the drawbar, activated by a hydraulic cylinder connected to the cylinders which raise the two lateral rake wheels. Both wheels are attached to a rotating support which places them exactly beneath the tiller, so that the hay is turned even where the side wheels are unable to reach.

Furthermore, the 10-wheel machine can be transformed into a 12-wheel machine with the appropriate extension kit. Similarly, the 14-wheel machine can be extended into a 16-wheel machine with the appropriate extension kit.


Number Of Finger Wheels 12
Finger Wheel Diameter 55" (1,4m)
Teeth per wheel 40
Finger Wheel Tine Diameter 0,28" (7mm)
Finger Wheel Diameter (Optional) 60" (1,52m)
Finger Wheel Hub Bearing Type Tapered roller-greaseable
Finger Wheel Tine Diameter 0,3" (7,5mm)
Teeth per wheel 40
Finger Wheel Spacing (center to center) 30,8" (780mm)
Operating Weight lbs-Kg (with wheels 55") 3700Lbs - 1680Kg
Operating Weight lbs-Kg (with wheels 60") 3820Lbs - 1735Kg
Minimum Tractor Horsepower Required 22Kw - 30HP
Safety Tow Chain std
Overall Length-Transport 24,8' - 7,58m
Transport Height (with wheels 60") 6,39' - 1,95m
Transport Height (with wheels 55") 6,39' - 1,95m
Maximum Working Width 25' - 7,6m
Minimum Windrow Width 3' - 0,9m
Maximum Windrow Width 6' - 1,8m