New Holland P2060 Air Drill

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The P2060 air hoe drill delivers simple, precise seed placement in 60’ & 70’ widths for increased productivity. Transports & storage are easier than ever with the innovative fold-back design.

The P2060 features configuration choices to match your seeding style, including conventional C-shanks and vertical edge-on shanks to reduce soil disturbance and provide better cutting through heavy surface residue. For tough conditions and double-shoot operations, 350-pound standard trips or 550-pound trips are available.

A wide array of Stealth™ openers for single-shoot, double-shoot, side-band, paired row options are available for the P2050 and P2060 air hoe drills to let you place seed and fertilizer precisely where you choose.

New Holland Stealth™ openers use replaceable tips that work for both narrow-row and spread-row seeding styles. C shank and edge-on shank openers available.
Knife Tips
• Low soil disturbance
• Very narrow spread of 7/8 to one inch
• For use with any press wheel• Heavy-duty, gumbo or carbide tips match soil conditionsSpread Tips
• Designed for low-disturbance seeding
• Wider product spread allows more fertilizer to be placed with the seed
• Spread tips are available in three-, four- or five- inch sizes
• For use with press wheels that match row widths

Stealth™ double-shoot attachments allow one-pass placement of seed and fertilizer. Seed/fertilizer separation prevents seedling damage. C shank and edge-on shank openers available.
Side Band
• Places seed one inch above and one inch beside the fertilizer
• Wing forces soil over the fertilizer trench to provide separation from seed
• Can be used with all press wheels
• Available in standard or long-life carbide
Paired Row
• Seed is placed one inch above and one to two-and-a-half inches to both sides of the fertilizer
• Three inch available in HS format for heavy soils and gumbo, and in LS format for light soils and sandy loam
• Three-, four- and five-inch available in carbide for extended wear to maintain integrity of seed bed
• Designed to force soil over the fertilizer trench to provide separation from the seed
• For use with press wheels that match row widths

Single-point depth setting located on the front of the air drill hitch provides simple, exact, repeatable seed depth control across the entire width of the machine. This adjustment allows the operator to quickly and conveniently set precise seeding depths to match a wide range of crops and soil and moisture conditions.

The P2060 model includes a flexible frame non-slab that allows each wing and press wheel to follow the contours of the ground independently. The superior ground following capabilities enhances seed placement and accuracy. This flexible design also minimizes frame stress for more durability than traditional welded joints.

Left to right the P2060 features five independent frame sections. A patented two paired-rank frame design delivers precise depth accuracy from the front to the rear of the machine. The front two ranks follow the terrain at a depth set by the nearby caster assemblies, and the rear two ranks follow the ground on which the press wheels run. In addition all tires and packer gangs provide equal weight distribution across the entire width of the drill.

The walking beam, pneumatic wheel packing option is available on the P2060. The pneumatic tire pressure can be adjusted which provides additional flexibility to accommodate various soil and moisture conditions. The two tire style options available are 5.9” round face or 6.5” flat face depending on the type of soil and field finish desired.


Seeding Method Min-Till / Conventional Till hoe
Row Spacings, in (mm) 7.5, 10, 12 (191, 254, 305)
Seed Supply; Air Cart or Integral Tank Air cart
Type of Frame & Transport Folding Method rear fold
Machine Dimensions and Weight
Working Width, Minimum, ft-in (m) 60' (18.3)
Working Width, Maximum, ft-in (m) 70' (21.3)
Transport Width, Minimum, ft-in (m) 17' 8" (5.4)
Transport Width, Maximum, ft-in (m) 17' 8" (5.4)
Transport Height, Minimum, ft-in (m) 13' 6" (4.1)
Transport Height, Maximum, ft-in (m) 13' 6" (4.1)
Transport Length, Minimum, ft-in (m) np
Transport Length, Maximum, ft-in (m) np
Number of Furrows, Minimum 60
Number of Furrows, Maximum 96
Basic Weight, Minimum, lb (kg) 31,100 (14104)
Basic Weight, Maximum, lb (kg) 36,500 (16516)
Variants Available 5
Primary Opener Assembly
Opener Type Edge-on single pivot spring trip hoe
Depth Gauging System Fixed to frame
Opener-Mounted Press Wheel Description See Frame-Mounted Press Wheels
Seeding Depth, Maximum, in (mm) np
Down Pressure, Minimum lb (kg) Not regulated separately
Down Pressure, Maximum lb (kg) Not regulated separately
Trip Load, lb (kg) 550 (249)
Type of Fertilizer Delivery Single/double shoot
Frame Mounted Press Wheels
Frame Mtd. Press Wheels - Width range, in (mm) 3.0 to 6.5 (76 to 165)
Frame Mtd. Press Wheels - Wheel / Tire Description Steel Wheel or Semi-pneumatic Tire
Tires and Frame
Center Frame Tire Size; Min, Max 11 x 15FI, 12.5 x 15FI
Wing Frame Tire Size; Min, Max 11 x 15FI, 12.5 x 15FI
Frame Height Control Hydraulic
Number of Ranks 4
Distance Between Ranks in (mm) np
Under Frame Clearance in (mm) 28 to 32 (711 to 813)
Opener to Road Clearance in (mm) np
Sales Literature
Literature Number PLA-41005-08
Literature Date 04 - 2008