New Holland BC5070

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Model BC5070 (14'' x 18'') balers are the top performer in their class. Offering larger baling operations a wide 75-inch, six-bar Super Sweep™ pickup guided by a 15 x 1.00-6 pneumatic gauge wheel to quickly gather the largest windrows. Standard model BC5070 balers features a heavy-duty category 6 PTO driveline with the exclusive Power-Pivot feature for tight turns. It requires just 75 PTO horsepower and is available with twine or wire tying mechanisms. The twine knotter mechanism is upgraded to the heavy-duty design with a split frame for easy servicing and reliability to last for thousands of bales.



Bale Size
Cross section 14 x 18 in. (36 x 46 cm)
Length Adjustable, 12 to 52 in. (31 to 132 cm)
SuperSweep™ Pickup
Width inside 75 in. (1.9 m)
Width on flare 80 in. (2 m)
Number of tines 156
Number of tine bars 6
Floating Windguard Thirteen rods
Drive V-belt to roller chain to “lost motion” reel drive
Gauge Wheel 15 x 6.00 x 6; pneumatic
Hydraulic Pickup Lift Optional
Bale Chamber
Feeding System High-Capacity, Rotary Feeding System
Number Feed Rotors 3
Packer Fork Standard - Adjustable
Feed Opening 283 sq. in. (1826 sq. cm)
Standard Density System Adjustable springs & tension doors
Optional Density System 2-way Hydroformatic & tension doors
Bale Case Standard-Duty
Stroke length 30 in. (76.2 cm)
Speed (540 rpm) 93 SPM
Material High Strength Steel
Plunger Rail Standard-Duty
Tying Mechanisms
Twine knotter Heavy-Duty
Billhook Hardened-Steel
Wire twister Available
Protection Shearbolt
Twine capacity 8-Twine Ball
Wire capacity 4-Wire Coil
Main Drive
Flywheel weight 248 lb (112 kg)
PTO Power-Pivot, Three-joint PTO
PTO Category Cat. 6 HD
Protection  Shearbolt, overrunning and slip clutches
Gearbox Heat-treated hypoid gears on tapered roller bearings running in an oil bath
Flotation Tires
Right side 27 x 9.5-15, 6PR
Left side 31 x 13.50-15, 6PR
Model 72 Bale Thrower
Compatible YES
Height (max.) 71 in. (180 cm)
Width 120 in. (304 cm)
Length (transport less chute) 205 in. (521 cm)
Weight (twine) 3,715 lb (1685 kg)
Weight (wire) 3,851 lb (1746 kg)
Tractor Requirement*
Minimum horsepower 75 hp (56 kW)
Minimum weight Tractor weight must be greater than baler weight; excludes bale thrower
Hydraulic requirement -