New Holland CX8.80

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The CX8.80 and CX8.90 combines quite simply offer you a home away from home during long harvesting days and nights. The Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab is completely new to CX combines, and is the result of extensive customer consultation. The cab is larger with 130.5 ft³ volume and boasts 68 ft² of glass, 7% more than previous models. You can enjoy all that space in the peace and quiet of the near-silent 73 dB(A) cab. For enhanced comfort during long harvesting days, a removable fridge located beneath the instructor seat is standard.

The new CX8 harvesting console offers ergonomic control of all key harvesting parameters, and it has been designed to become an extension of you. The force-based CommandGrip™ multi-function handle—the same as found on high-horsepower tractors, CR combines and the FR SP forage harvesters—delivers intuitive control and enables you to fine tune harvesting speed for ultimate performance.

The CX8 Series benefits from New Holland’s renowned four-drum threshing system which delivers gentle yet efficient threshing for the highest quality yields. The largest threshing drums on the market smooth out peak loads, even in damp conditions, which ensures easy separation of all grain kernels of every cereal crop or variety.

The Opti-Clean™ system optimizes the stroke and throwing angles in the cleaning system and improves cleaning performance by up to 20% for enhanced profitability. New Holland has optimized the cascade for greater capacity, and the longer sieve stroke and steep throwing angle keep more material airborne for even higher cleaning efficiency. If that wasn’t enough, the entire system works to reduce overall machine vibrations and increase operator comfort.

The new increased tank capacity of the CX8.90 with optional folding covers perfectly matches the huge CX8.90 appetite. A capacity of 355 bushels is the largest available on a conventional combine and provides the convenience of opening and closing from the comfort of the Harvest Suite ™ Ultra cab.

When using the largest 41-foot Varifeed™ header on the CX8.90, a dedicated and powerful straw spreading system is a must. The optional Opti-Spread™ straw management system mounted behind the straw chopper easily meets any spreading width requirement. This straw chopper has been further enhanced with the addition of Dual-Chop™ technology. All residue passes through a dedicated rake to ensure a super-fine chop of all material.

The CX8.90 combine is equipped with a Tier 4A compliant ECOBlue™ SCR engine which delivers 10% fuel savings when compared to a Tier 3 model. Outstanding transient response ensures constant productivity no matter what the field conditions. The CX8.80 also benefits from ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology, which is compliant with the even more stringent Tier 4B regulations. Developed in partnership with New Holland’s sister brand FPT Industrial (Fiat Powertrain), the engine also features Common Rail technology for precision fuelling and outstandingly responsive performance.

FULLY INTEGRATED INTELLISTEER™ AUTO GUIDANCE You can order your CX8 Series combine with fully integrated IntelliSteer™ auto guidance direct from the factory to start saving money from your first run. The IntelliSteer system is an integral part of the combine’s steering system and uses DGPS or RTK to help ensure parallel pass-to-pass accuracy as precise as +/- 1 inch. IntelliSteer benefits include less operator fatigue and full, more effective use of header cutting width, which leads to higher capacity every day.


Grain head
Cutting width (ft) 20 - 35
Corn heads
Number of rows Folding corn heads 8
Number of rows Rigid corn heads 6 - 12
Head control systems
Terrain Tracer system Standard
Straw elevator
Front face adjustment Standard
Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab
Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab glass area (ft²) 68
Cab category level - EN 15695 2
LED working lighting pack Optional
LED long distance lighting pack Optional
Standard cloth trimmed seat with air-suspension Standard
Deluxe cloth trimmed heated air-suspension seat with Active Ventilation Optional
Leather trimmed heated air-suspension seat with Active Ventilation and lateral suspension Optional
Instructor’s seat Standard
Leather Steering wheel Standard
IntelliView™ IV monitor with adjustable position Standard
2nd IntelliView™ IV monitor Optional
Viewing cameras Optional
Integrated fridge under the instructor seat Standard
Optimum cab noise level - ISO 5131 (dB(A)) 73
New Holland Precision Land Management systems
IntelliSteer™ ready automatic guidance system Standard
IntelliCruise™ system Optional
Automatic row guidance system for corn heads Optional
Yield measuring and moisture measuring Standard
PLM® desktop software Standard
Threshing drums
Width (in) 62
Diameter (in) 29.5
Drum Concave
Area (in) 1829
Wrap angle (degrees) 111
Diameter (in) 18.75
Rotary Separator
Multi-Thresh™ system Standard
Number 6
Opti-Speed™ variable strawwalker speeds Standard
Self-levelling cleaning shoe Standard
Opti-Clean™ cleaning system Standard
Cleaning fan
Opti-Fan™ system Standard
Capacity manual extensions / remote covers (bu) 350 / 326
Unloading auger
Unloading speed 3.5
Type* FPT Cursor 9*
Complaint with Tier 4 emission regulations Tier 4B
ECOBlue™ SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Standard
Gross engine power @ 2100 rpm - ISO 14396 - ECE R120 [hp(CV)] 360
Maximum engine power @ 2000 rpm - ISO 14396 - ECE R120 [hp(CV)] 401
Approved Bio Diesel Blend B7**
Fuel tank capacity (gallons) 265
DEF tank capacity (gallons) 32
Maximum speed standard (mph) 19
Maximum speed optional (mph) 25
Residue management
Opti-Spread™ residue management Optional
Integrated straw chopper Optional
Chaff spreader Optional
Dimensions with traction wheels****
Dimensions with traction wheels 900/60R32
Maximum height in transport position (ft) 13
Maximum width - transport (ft) 12.9
Weight without header, chaff spreader or straw chopper and empty fuel tank (lbs) 34,255