Double-Trough Feeder Wagons

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Our Double-Trough Feeder Wagons are designed to minimize hay waste and lower the cost of feeding your cattle. ShurFeed Bale Feeder Wagons are built using quality materials and unparalleled workmanship, creating the feeder of choice for the busy farmer.


Model #Feed OpeningsHubs and SpindlesTires
D-12 – Double Trough 25 4000 lb 11L15 8-Ply
D-16 – Double Trough 31 4000 lb 11L15 8-Ply
D-20 – Double Trough 37 4000 lb 11L15 8-Ply
D-24 – Double Trough 42 6000 lb 11L15 12-Ply