Bush Hog 326

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Performance Features
  • Sloped Deck. Improved sloped deck design sheds water and debris to increase deck life.
  • 326 and 327 gearboxes are the same rugged gearboxes used on the Bush Hog® flex wing cutters. Rated at 210 HP, they have the highest rating in their class.
  • Blade pans are 7-gauge steel formed in dished shape for extra strength.
  • An integral part of the cutter’s structure, the gearbox stand runs between the strongbacks.
  • Rugged ASAE Cat 5 drivelines are standard on both 320 Series “Original Plus” cutters.
  • 5-year limited gearbox warranty.
  • Replaceable Skids


Construction Features
  • Decks are reinforced with internal 7-gauge steel strongbacks that run the full length of the deck tying together the entire structure with the gearbox stand.
  • 326 and 327 decks are 7-gauge thick steel. Strongbacks are 7-gauge steel.
  • Sidebands are strong and deep. Formed of 1/4-inch thick steel, they are 12 1/2-inches deep.
  • Heavy-duty tail wheel assemblies are standard on both models. 327 comes equipped with a heavy-duty axle and dual wheels for both lift and pull models. Both lift and pull models come with laminated tires that are built for rugged conditions.
  • Built of heat treated alloy steel, blades are genuine Bush Hog®

Product Features

TOUGH Category 5 Driveline

Authentic Bush Hog® Gearbox Look for the Bush Hog® embossed on the gearbox. Only Bush Hog® cutters are equipped with Bush Hog® designed gearboxes. The Bush Hog® 320 “Original Plus” Series heavy-duty cutters feature the highest rated gearboxes in their class—210 HP.

TOUGH Tail Wheel Assembly

TOUGH Blade Pans, Deck Reinforcements, and Heavy-Duty Gearbox Stand Equipped with Bush Hog® Blades

327 Lift Type Cushioned Axle


Model 326
Cutting Width 6 feet
Cutting Capacity 4 inch diameter
Cutting Height 2 to 12 inches
Dimensions (width x length) 6ft 6 inches x 9ft 8 inches
Type Hitch HD 3 Point Cat. I, Cat. II Standard & Quick Hitch
Deck Thickness 7 gauge
Sidebands 1/4x 12 1/2 inches
Driveshaft ASAE Category 5
Gearbox Heavy Duty 210 HP
Tractor PTO Speed 540 RPM
Driveline Protection Slip Clutch Standard
Blade Holder(s) Round
Blades 1/2 x 4 inch uplift
Blade Tip Speed 13,996 FPM
Tires Laminated
Minimum Tractor HP 60 PTO
Safety Shielding Single or Double Row of Chains
Approximate Weight 1400 lbs