Hay Tools


For the fastest drying time, choose Bush Hog®’s tedders. We offer a choice of three different models, each built to accomplish your needs. Our hay tedders are designed for low horsepower tractors, with working widths from 10 to over 17 feet. Bush Hog® tedders produce quicker drying time for baling sooner and reduce possible damage to ground plants.

Hay Mowers  

Bush Hog®’s HMG7 hay mowers fit a large range of tractor sizes and production requirements. These mowers have Bush Hog’s patented cutter bar design ready to handle your toughest mowing areas. These mowers have been performance-proven with reduced wrapping and plugging issues in heavy and light hay crops, and as always, they are built Bush Hog tough for years of dependable service!

Hay Rakes 

The BSR wheel rakes manufactured by Bush Hog® are ideal for all conditions especially in rough or unlevel hay fields. Each suspended wheel operates independently from its adjacent wheel, thereby giving excellent performance in all conditions. The high ground clearance of the main frame allows for high performance in heavy crop surplus, and each finger wheel has an independent spring suspension that allows it to follow field ground contours across large lots. And as always, our models are built tough for dependable service and performance you can count on!

Our EWR wheel rakes are designed to make your harvesting faster, easier, and more efficient. With raking widths from 4 to 33-feet, all our hay rakes are built to provide unrivaled performance in the toughest conditions, season after season. No matter the size, Bush Hog® has the dependability and range for your specific needs. When you need to rake a perfect swath, nothing beats a Bush Hog® for performance you can count on!

3-Point Hay Implements


3-PT Single Probe Bale Spear for Cat I & II Standard and Quick Hitch

The BS2 is a dual spear design. This design allows the moving of large bales with greater speed and stability while using a skid steer or Ag loader.


3-PT Single Probe Bale Spear for Cat I Standard and Quick Hitch

The BS1 model is a single main spear model. You can transport large round bales easily using a skid steer or Ag loader.

3PBU-XX 3 

3-PT Bale Unroller Cat I & II Standard and Quick Hitch To maximize the utilization of your hay crop you can’t just set the bale out in the middle of the field, you need to unroll it. 3-PT bale unrollers grasp the hay bale in the center of both sides, and turn on a central axis allowing the friction from the ground to “grab” the hay and start unrolling the bale. The bale unroller simply connects to the back of your tractor and allows you to roll out your hay bales like a carpet, no pitchfork required. The 3-PT Hay Handler/Unroller is rated at 2000-lbs. for 25-45 HP tractors. The bales may be either 4-feet or 5-feet in width and up to 6-feet in diameter. The hydraulic cylinder is included. The unit’s arms are powder coated with a durable black paint, while the unit’s body is available in major tractor colors to give lasting protective finish. The unit fits both Standard and Quick Hitches.