About Us

Farmers Supply Company in Somerset Kentucky was founded in 1947 by partners James Vanhook and Herbert Broyles selling feed, seed and fertilizer to local customers.  In 1948 they signed agreement with Sperry New Holland to sell the New Holland branded products.  As time went by and customer base grew, James Vanhook’s son Smith, who was working at General Electric along with his long time friend Joe Wallace, were given the opportunity to purchase the dealership which they did in 1970. 

This partnership continued for 10 years until Smith ran for and was elected mayor of the City of Somerset serving 4 terms.  Joe purchased Smith’s fifty percent of the business making him sole owner since 1980 and continues to be. 

Although Farmers Supply Company serves as our corporate title, we started doing business as Somerset Farm Equipment in 1997 due to no longer selling feed, seed and fertilizer and shifting our focus to the farm equipment markets.  In addition to providing sales and service of New Holland tractors, equipment and parts, we carry a good selection of used tractors which you can view from this website.  We have attractive financing options to help you acquire the equipment you need.